Our Cats

I fear that my husband and I are quickly turning into those weird old people who dote on their cats.

We are not to the point where we are renting an apartment for them or anything as rash as that. But we do love them so, and I take more stupid cat pictures than makes sense.

Currently we have three cats, a mother and her two children. They are all over 8 years old now. They don't seem to like each other much, although Emma, the mother, brings all sorts of rodents to the "kids". She seems to enjoy rodent hunting, not rodent eating.

Emma, the mom, just showed up on our deck one day, we imagine that she was just dropped off by someone who no longer wanted her. "Oh let's take the kitty for a ride into the country". She slowly tamed down and then had a fine set of four cute little kittens!

We kept Sparkey and Mufflin Frogstockings. Sparkey is my cat. I could go on and on, but alas, the cat thinks it is time to be held.

Emma, a white cat

Emma blessing quilts


Orange Pinto cat sleeping with sock monkey

Sparkey naps with Frank the Monkey



Muff a calico cat in a drawer
Mufflin Frogstockings helps to clean out the bureau drawers.
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